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Project Deliverable: 5G-Ensure - Trust model

New relationships bring new risks that must be understood and controlled and in a system as complex as 5G implies the need for a trust model that can model the system, highlight potential risks and demonstrate the effect of adding controls or changing the design.D2.5 represents a step towards defining such a model. It reviews how the actors and business models are expected to change as we move to 5G, bringing in new domains and new opportunities for operators (both terrestrial and satellite). It summarises the use cases from 5G-ENSURE deliverable D2.1 and explains how this analysis has fed into the trust model development. It also brings new insights into procedures used to identify and analyse trust dependencies, with additional input concerning privacy aspects and from a survey of user attitudes conducted by 5G-ENSURE partners working on human factors related to trust.

Project Deliverable: 5G-Ensure (2017)

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